Stabilizing IOLTA Funding — Long Term Strategy

Bloomberg and others are reporting on administration proposals to reduce the burden on the states of the huge accumulated UI debt to the feds that many states are now carrying.

This set me thinking about how one long term strategy for stabilize IOLTA funding would be to develop a federal government program that would give a grant calculated as small percentage of federal UI loans to the state IOLTA programs.  The point is that this would be super-counter cyclical, triggering only when a state was in a very bad economic situation.

This is obviously only one example of such a counter-cyclical transfer, and perhaps the best.  But the point is that we need to think of ways of making sure that more money comes to access to justice when it is most needed — rather than the reverse, which is, of course, now the situation with current IOLTA funding.

Another such strategy would be to focus on filing fees in areas that are counter-cyclical, like foreclosure, eviction, consumer credit collection.

Ideas?  Thoughts for political strategy?


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