New ATJ-GIS Fellowship Opportunity from SRLN

Katherine Alteneder of SRLN announces:

I am delighted to seek applications for an exciting new ATJ fellowship opportunity with SRLN in partnership with Georgetown’s Institute for Technology Law & Policy and made possible with the generous support of the Public Welfare Foundation. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis beginning July 17, 2017, until the position is filled.  The position is located at Georgetown Law, Washington, DC.
The Fellow will help our data and GIS group to create a county-level mapped database of innovations and self-help reforms that are improving litigants’ access to justice throughout the United States. The Fellow will build on this rich data set to gain a nuanced understanding of best practices in various counties, layering this knowledge with user demographic information to assist decision makers in identifying which reforms and service delivery systems are best suited to particular communities based on their population profile and needs. The initiative is designed to support comprehensive, systemic, data-informed reform, promoting innovation and peer network building throughout the country.
Having seen some of the products of the SRLN initiative, I can attest to its transformative value.  Most recently, I understand that the data maps generated for the Illinois ATJ Commission were very helpful in bringing that planning process to such a successful conclusion.

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2 Responses to New ATJ-GIS Fellowship Opportunity from SRLN

  1. Peter says:

    It’s a great initiative.

  2. Claudia Johnson says:

    Excellent opportunity to create core ATJ county data sets–and use them to move the field word ward. Keep us posted once the Fellow defines his core deliverables. Great project.

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