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White House Forum on Access to Justice — Livestream at 1 PM Eastern Today, April 19

Today, at 1 PM, click on the link today to watch the livestream of the White House Forum on Increasing Access to Justice. There is an article in the American Lawyer, which describes the anticipated announcement at this event … Continue reading

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UK Supreme Court Might Be Able to Teach US Court a Lesson on Urgency of Protecting Legal Aid

Tomorrow, Tuesday the 19th, LSC and its friends will enjoy an invitation-only reception at the US Supreme Court following the LSC day at the White House, and to be addressed by Justice Kennedy, among others.  It is obviously a very … Continue reading

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Moving to 100% Access Strategic Plans – The LSC TIG Program as Opportunity and Harbinger

The 2016 Legal Services Corporation Technology grant solicitation,due Feb 29, suggests one of the ways that the Chefs 100% Resolution can move towards true implementation. It creates as its first listed specific area of interest, “Achieving 100% Access,” which it … Continue reading

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Outcome Measures #2: LSC Outcomes Measures, Good News, Bad News, and A Challenge

This is number 2 in an occasional series on outcome measures.  Number 1 reiterated how important it is to develop and apply such measures system wide. There is good news and bad news on LSC outcome measures. The good news: … Continue reading

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Five Transformative Bar Reform Ideas To Get to 100% to Justice — Paper Abstract

A few months ago, the Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics invited me to submit a paper on the relationship between access to justice, commercialization of the legal practice, and judicial ethics.  The paper will be published in the summer of … Continue reading

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We Need a National Campaign for Access to Justice — Why the CCJ/COSCA Resolution Makes it So Much Easier and What Might It Start to Look Like?

There are lots of reasons why we really do not have in place anything like a national campaign for 100% access     (Although we have certainly become much better at talking about the need).  One of the reasons for the … Continue reading

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LSC’s Jim Sandman Interview Shows Pace of Change in Access to Justice

A recent interview that LSC’s Jim Sandman gave to Bloomberg/BDA underlines how fast things are changing in access to justice.  Among the nuggets: Among the reasons Jim gives for the access crisis is  “A regulatory system that stultifies innovation and … Continue reading

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Mixed Thoughts on Arguments Against Comparability of Data and Goal Setting

A few days ago, I blogged about recent massive reductions in heart attack deaths, and the contribution that the establishment of required reporting of comparable data, and the setting of clear goals, contributed to those improvements. While doing so, I … Continue reading

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NYT Publishes First Article on Comprehensive Changes in Legal Aid (Broadly Defined)

Showing the huge value and potential of a coherent communications strategy for the legal aid world (broadly defined to include both community-based and court-based legal aid) the New York Times on Saturday published its first real comprehensive article on the … Continue reading

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Roger Smith on Contrast Between British Columbia and UK Legal Aid Cuts Has Valuable Lessons

I want to draw your attention to a blog post by the UK’s wonderful Roger Smith contrasting the BC and UK approach to cutting, and response to cuts in, legal aid budgets.  His essential point is that the BC cuts, … Continue reading

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Highlights and Thoughts on the LSC 40th Anniversary

Earlier this week, LSC had its 40th anniversary shebang in DC. As I understand it, the primary goal was to establish LSC and federal funding of community-based legal aid as a permanent bi-partisan commitment.  It certainly moved us a long … Continue reading

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LSC Announces Pro Bono Innovation Grants

LSC has just announced its first pro bono innovation awards, funded by a special line in the LSC appropriation.  These grants follow the TIG model, they are discretionary and competitive, and intended to be innovative. This years grants cover the … Continue reading

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Assessing the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Institutional Structure of Communty Based Legal Aid

As “access to justice” receives more and more attention, and as we start to put in place new structures such as the “communications hub,” perhaps it is time to step back and think about the strengths and weakness of our … Continue reading

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Thoughts in Response to Esther Lardent’s Question About Unbundling and Pro Bono

The ever-thoughtful Esther Lardent recently asked whether we are “shrinking pro bono?”  As I understand it, the core of her worry about the impact of unbundling innovation is expressed in this para. In the right context, limited-scope pro bono service … Continue reading

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Communications Research Underlines Need for Coordinated Marketing and Enhancement of Online Tools for All

One of the clearest messages from the communications research is that the best — perhaps the only — way to get public support for increased resources for court and community based legal aid above the needed 50% threshold is to … Continue reading

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