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Implications of Alternative Poverty Measure for Access to Justice

The Census Bureau has rolled out the results of applying its alternative measure of poverty to 2010.  This alternative measure, which will not be used to calculate benefits, is being offered as an aid to policy makers. The results have … Continue reading

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Comcast Offers Low Price Internet to Families That Get Free School Lunches

Comcast has launched a $9.95 a month broadband service (plus taxes) called Internet Essentials for families with a child who gets free school lunches (those who get partially subsidized lunches do NOT qualify).  Here is the PC World description of … Continue reading

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Making Sure Investments In Courts Are Counter-Cyclical

As a general matter, its an article of faith among mainstream economists that government spending is counter-cyclical, that is to say by investing more in government (actually anything) during downturns you cause the money to be re-spent, and re-spent again, … Continue reading

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U. S. Census Releases Alternative Measures of Poverty With Tools to Generate Your Own Tables

In  a move that might have major long term consequences, the US Census Department has released alternative measures of poverty.  As most of you probably know, the current measures date to the 60s, and fail to reflect changes in government … Continue reading

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