Justice Laurie Zelon Gets Award –Take a Look at the Powerful and Innovative Elkins Task Force Report on Family Courts in California

Many of you know Associate Justice Laurie Zelon of the California Court of Appeals. Given how hard she works for access to justice, and how much she contributes, I know hat you will be as pleased as me to hear that on Dec 14 she received the 2010 Aranda Access to Justice Award.  The award is sponsored jointly by the State Bar, California Commission on Access to Justice, Judicial Council and California Judges Association.  As Earl Johnston, longtime activist for access, and now retired from the same court on which Justice Zelon continues to serve, put it “As someone who received the Aranda Award a few years ago, I can truthfully say no judge ever has done as much to merit this honor as Justice Laurie Zelon.”

I would particularly urge you to take a look at the so-called Elkins Task Force Report, a comprehensive set of recommendations for overhauling family justice in California.  Justice Zelon chaired the Task Force.  The Report is now in the implementation phase.

Here is a California Court Video profile.  Really nice.

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