National Center for State Courts Solitics Suggestions for Sessions for Court Technology Confernce

As you probably know, the NCSC’s Court Technology Conference, held every two years, is a major even of great utility to those interested in the interaction of access to justice and technology.  The next one, is called CTC 2011 will run from Oct 4 to Oct 6, 2011 in Long Beach California.

What is most important right now is that NCSC is soliciting ideas for sessions.  Here is the link to the form to do so.  I encourage folks to become involved in this process.  CTC is a great opportunity to educate our colleagues about the access perspective and how it can permeate the whole court, particularly in tough times.

Here is the link to video from the last conference, including one on Technology in Self-Help Centers (on the right, near the bottom)

Feel free to use the comments area for public brainstorming about ideas, etc.


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