Learning Financial Literacy In College — What About the Non-College Bound? A TIG Idea?

Nice article in the NYT about college in Vermont teaching financial literacy.

Since it is so needed today, what can we do to ensure that the most vulnerable get this kind of education too?

Is there a role for courts, bar, legal aid, particularly the websites network?  How about financial litteracy apps, using the public figures the young listen to?  Shouldn’t this fit within the LSC TIG program?


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3 Responses to Learning Financial Literacy In College — What About the Non-College Bound? A TIG Idea?

  1. Francine Lipman says:

    I am a tax law/accounting/finance professor at Chapman University and the incoming Chair of the ABA-Tax Section Pro Bono Committee and very interested in financial and tax literacy work. Please do contact me at Lipman@chapman.edu to help further this mission.

  2. richardzorza says:

    Montana Rocks. This might also be an area of parntership with state AG consumer protection divisions.

  3. Liz Keith says:

    That is an interesting idea. On a related note, Montana Legal Services Association has a partnership with the Montana Credit Union Network to help maintain the consumer financial education content on MontanaLawHelp.org. The MontanaLawHelp.org program coordinator will be discussing this partnership in the “Developing Partnerships in the Digital World” workshop at the TIG conference next week. I also hope to learn more about the Tax Telecourse the MT Credit Union Network offers, which is archived (with audio, marked up forms, etc.) on http://montanafreefile.org.

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