Public Library Access to Justice News: Masachusetts Bookmarks

Nice Report from Massachusetts on how they spent their tiny ($975) minigrant awarded after the Conference on Public Libraries and Access to Justice.

“[Massachusetts] spent the  mini-grant on printing posters and bookmarks.  We distributed the bookmarks and posters to every library and legal services office in the state. The Probate and Family court department ordered 10,000 more and the legal services websites project ordered another 50,000.  The bookmark and poster pdf files are posted on MassLegalHelp  in color and black and white. Individual libraries can edit and customize the bookmarks with their own information.  There is a “how-to customize” video on the page.”

A bunch of points here:

  • Public libraries are a huge access to justice partnering opportunity
  • Tiny grants can make a huge difference
  • Concrete products for end users really get used.

For lots more information and material on partnering with public libraries, look at the train-the-trainer materials from the Confernce.

Contact Caroline Robinson at Mass Law Reform Institute for info on the bookmarks and the Mass experience.


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