Report on LEP Technology and Online Library on Language Access

Information on this has been quite widely spread, but I thought it important enough to note.

This is a new Report on uses of technology to aid LEP access generally.  It is called:  COMMUNICATING MORE FOR LESS: Using Translation and Interpretation Technology to Serve Limited English Proficient Individuals, and written by Jessica Sperling.  It is published by the National Center on Immigrant Integration Policy.  They have a large online library of resources on language access.

One important takeaway for me was that it reminded me that there are all sorts of less ambitious technologies, like those that manage connections to interpreters, and that we should not be scared away from the field because of the star-wars nature of electronic interpretation.

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  2. Claudia Johnson says:


    People in the field also may want to know that recently DOJ clarified that the costs of LEP services are allowable costs under funding streams like the Byrne Grants, LAV, Drug Court, Youth grants and related DOJ funding streams. So if courts or law enforcement partners applying for those grants need to purchase or implement some of the tools in the report, those are allowable expenses.

    Click to access LEP_Programs_Chart_OJP_Jan_2011.pdf

    Click to access LEP_Programs_Chart_OVW_Jan_2011.pdf

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