SC ATJ Commission Experiments with Animation to Make FAQs Accessible

Experimenter of the day award to Robin Wheeler at the SC ATJ Commission for experimenting with online animation to distribute self-help FAQs.

Here is the link to their blog with the experimental animation.

Here is a direct YouTube link.  Here to the FAQ from which the script is derived.

Robin used this tool (online version).  The online version has a complex pricing structure, that does not look that expensive, and with enough to do some work free.  Here is a review. The company also has a free downloadable tool for PCs.

It is an interesting question which groups this kind of animation will work with.  In particular, I wonder if the synthetic voice might help LEP folks, by being totally predictable, or add a barrier because it is a little unusual.  An interesting research question.


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  1. I had been wondering whether we might use xtranormal animation for our site after hearing a story about it on NPR. After seeing this post, we tried our own experiment: Thanks SC ATJ and Richard for the inspiration.

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