Online Symposium on the Greiner/Pattanayak Paper on Impact of Offers of Representation

Many of you will recall the intense interest that the recent pre-publication attention to the Greiner/Pattanayak Paper on Impact of Offers of Representation has triggered.  Here is an interview with Jim Gereiner on this blog.  The paper will be in the Yale Law Review.

Now, for much more in depth coverage, go to Concurring Opinions blog, which is conducting an line symposium on the paper.  The Symposium will continue through tomorrow, Tuesday March 29.

Posters as of now include, Bob Sable, head of Greater Boston Legal Services, David Udell, Executive Director of the National Center for Access to Justice, Ted Eisenberg, a law professor at Cornell, who suggests that the numbers in the paper can be read to find a small benefit form the offer of representation, Rebecca Sandefur, senior research fellow at the American Bar Foundation.  My own post, focusing on the implications for a 100% access system, and triage, is here.  I have also added a post on how to minimize the risk that research may be misreported or misued.

The discussion is already well worth reading.


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