Stephanie Kimbro’s Attorney Guide to Unbundling E-Book Now Online

Stephanie’s book Serving the DIY Client: A Guide to Unbundling Legal Services for the Private Practitioner is now online.  It is clear, well laid out, practical, and easy to read and follow.  I am sure that it will be a valuable tool to spread the unbundling concept throughout the bar.  Lets hope that increased attorney interest will also lead to greater promotion of the concept to potential clients by lawyer referral services.

The Table of Contents speaks for itself:

I.    Introduction

II.    What is Unbundling?

III. Why is unbundling growing in popularity?

IV. Ethics

V. Best Practices for Unbundling

Checklist for the Unbundling Practitioner

A Few Case Studies

Additional Resources

Best Practices include: Check for Conflicts, Educate clients with checklists and instructions, Keep Digital Records of Interactions with Clients, Consider Offering Fixed Fee or Value Billing, ExplainingUnbundledServicestoFull-Service Clients, Assisting the Pro Se Litigant – Ghostwriting, Malpractice Insurance for Unbundling, GoodCustomerService, Using Technology to Unbundle Legal Services, Document Assembly and Automation, Online Case and Client Management, Streamlining the Workflow, and, Delivering Unbundled Services Online.

By the way, Stephanie’s blog is also well worth keeping an eye on.


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