Turner Symposium — Link to Review and Refocusing Questions

Here is the first couple of paras of the review and refocusing post on the Turner Symposium on the ConcurringOpinions blog:

As of day three, post Turner, some trends have begun to emerge in the commentary, on this blog at least.  So, this is an attempt by the two co-hosts of this Symposium, David Udell and Richard Zorza  to sum up what we see here, and to use it as a springboard for a new set of perhaps more general questions.

Posters commented at length with respect to the two core issues raised by Turner: i) the extent of trial court judges’ obligations to assure “fundamental fairness” through a variety of procedures, in civil contempt/incarceration or other types of cases and ii) the impact on whether and when a civil right to counsel is required by federal constitutional law.

Read the full post here.

Catch up to date with the full Symposium here.



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