Nice Resource Center for Publc Libraries as Access Point

In another of the ongoing follow-ups to last year’s Public Libraries and Access to Justice Conference, the Newton Mass public Library has launched its Legal Resources Self Help Center.

Intended for the public library user and nonlaw librarian, this Legal Resources Self Help Center LibGuide provides authoritative and accessible web links for legal topics and forms, legal self help books, laws, cases, regulations and other resources, plus handouts, class instruction and conference presentation materials.

Teach yourself and teach others using the Basic Legal Research and Legal Research Instruction tabs. Learn basic legal terms, how to read a citation, review your civics education, and continue to proceed through your search for legal information.

If going to court, two helpful manuals have been published online through the Massachusetts Court System.  These have been linked under the Massachusetts Courts tab.  The first, released in June 2010, is entitled Serving the Self-Represented Litigant: a guide by and for the Massachusetts Court Staff.  A second guide, Representing Yourself in a Civil Case: Things to Consider When Going to Court.  Together they are excellent preparation when faced with the prospect of going to court.

Here is the front page:



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