LSC Releases 2010 Annual Report — Emphasises New Leadership and Collaborations

The new LSC report for 2010 is here.

Note the following:

From Jim Sandman’s President’s message, the emphasis on innovation and collaboration (page 3)

My goals as LSC President are to increase funding for civil legal services; to maximize the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of LSC and of the legal aid programs that receive LSC grants; to promote innovation and entrepreneurship within LSC and among the programs it funds; and to enhance collaborations with judges, state Access to Justice Commissions, the organized bar, private attorneys, foundations, law schools, IOLTA programs, and others involved in serving the needs of low-income Americans.

Collaboration across the access to justice community is particularly important in an era of reduced resources and increased demand for civil legal services. By coordinating with and reaching out to others, I hope to increase the efficiency of service delivery to clients, avoid unnecessary duplication of effort, and streamline LSC’s dealings with the programs it funds.

Pictures of Board and others, underlining potential of collaborations  (at 4-5).

Chart on page 7 on case closings showing importance of family law — raising a question for those programs that do very little.

Examples of programs helping people keep their homes (at page 10)

Short article on Increasing Efficiency and Access to Legal Aid — here discussing pilots for technology-supported intake (at page 12)

Article on page 13 on Strengthening Oversight of Fiscal Matters — a response to problems that can divert LSC from its mission.


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