NCSC Issues Compilation of Re-Engineering Ideas

The National Center for State Courts has issued an eleven page complication of ideas for re-engineering.

Lots of good stuff.  Here is the summary chart:

Here is one set of ideas that are of particular relevance to us:

Online Self-Help:
•    The goal here is a process that is so intuitive that the filer can easily comply with the entire process unassisted and complete an electronic filing.
Case Triage:
•    First determine according to the issues in the case what type of processing is required: full classic due process, modified due process, problem solving approach or administrative resolution
•    The court needs standardized triage protocols for determining which processing stream is the most appropriate at the beginning of the case and monitoring whether or not that processing stream remains the most appropriate during the life of the case.

Of course, the SRLN Best Practices and Diagnostic Protocols contain many ideas which fit under the re-engineering banner, and are both efficient and effective.


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