Philippine Small Claims Video and Thoughts on Languages

Here is a small claims video for the Philippines, pointed out by Martin Gramatikov’s Access to Justice Blog.

One of the interesting things is that you get to see a call center operator being polite to English speaking folks.  Another is the apparent use of English language words by the judge and the use of English language forms.  Here is a 2008 Philippines Supreme Court Order, putting the Rules for Small Claims Courts in place — in English.  Here is what Wikipedia says on the subject of English in the legal and other systems.

Today, English is the dominant language in business, government, the legal system, medicine, the sciences and education. Filipinos tend to want their textbooks for subjects like calculus, physics, chemistry, biology, etc., written in English rather than Filipino. By way of contrast, the native languages are often heard in colloquial settings, and in the home, with family and friends, most people use their vernaculars. The use of English may be thought to carry an air of formality, given its use in school, government and various ceremonies. A percentage of the media such as cable television and newspapers are also in English; major television networks (i.e. ABS-CBN and GMA) and all AM radio stations are in Filipino. English proficiency sustains a significant call center industry for American companies.



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