Conference Call on Spreading the Justice Corps Model Concept

As you know, I am a huge advocate of the Justice Corps model.  The core idea is to bring college students into the access to justice movement through the AmeriCorps model. I think it can be really transformative.

On October 20, there will be an informational call for those interested in applying the concept in their states. There will be people from a number of agencies such as the California AOC,  the Chicago Bar Foundation, the DOJ and AmeriCorps, to discuss the various routes in the funding process, as well as the Justice Corps concept, its benefits, and how to develop it.

If you are in a staff or leadership position and in a position to start to move this idea forward in your court, organization, or state, contact Martha Wright in the California AOC for more information on how to participate in the call.  Her e-mail is Martha.Wright @

Please feel free to share with people who you think would be appropriately interested.


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