Justice Breyer Urges Debate on Need for Triage and Generally Urges Experimentation

Today was the NLADA Centennial Conference Awards Luncheon.

Supreme Court Justice Breyer, Attorney General Holder and Congressman John Lewis spoke.  An impressive list and a powerful moment.

Innovation advocates will be encouraged to learn that in the course of a positive and appreciative speech, Justice Breyer explicitly urged those present to input with their opinions on whether there should be greater use of triage.  He also urged those present to engage generally in access experimentation.

The Justice, of course, is the author of Turner, which many believe implicitly requires a triage approach to civil access to justice.  Criminal defenders will be reassured that he limited this encouragement to civil cases.

In any event, the raising of the issue by a Justice of the Supreme Court underlines how far thinking about innovative approaches are spreading into the mainstream.

Update:  Audio of speech online here.



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