Lawyers at the Mall — and Indeed Why Not

The Palm Beach Post reports on the foreclosure laywer booth at the Mall in Palm Beach County Florida..

Through the end of the year, The Law Booth is offering free 15-minute consultations. Normal pricing includes $25 for a general consultation, $50 for a half hour, and about $100 for a specific consultation.

Another holiday discount running until Jan. 1 is $300 for work on estate planning, trusts and wills. Burkhart said that kind of work can normally cost about $750.

“We wanted to take away some of the fear people have that if they pick up the phone to speak with an attorney that it will automatically cost them $500,” he added.

It was also good timing with the economic slump, the attorneys said, which has left more people trying to puzzle out real estate issues such as foreclosures, short sales, loan modifications and deeds in lieu of foreclosure. Attorneys at the booth will also review rental leases.

The Boynton Beach Mall was chosen for the debut of The Law Booth because it’s between the Delray Beach, Belle Glade and West Palm Beach offices of the Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County.

Note that final para on location.  It suggests that the private bar is starting to fill the delivery gap caused by inadequate funding.  If people can pay something, that also impacts how we think about co-payments and the best role of the private bar.

Here is their website.


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