New Website on Procedural Fairness Launches

This has some potential.

As you know, one of the main intellectual underpinnings of the changes in courts to open the system to the self-represented has been the research into procedural fairness.  This work, which seems counter-intuitive to many lawyers and judges, has shown that litigants are more concerned with being heard than they are with winning.

Now some of those most involved with this work have launched a website,, dedicated to exploring and promoting this idea.

The founding participants are Judge Kevin Burke, District Judge in the Hennepin County (Minn.) District Court; Judge Steve Leben, Judge, Kansas Court of Appeals; the National Center for State Courts (with researcher David Rottman as its lead blogging participant); and Professor Tom Tyler, of Yale Law School. The Procedural Fairness Blog will feature those individuals, other staff from the National Center for State Courts and periodic guest bloggers drawn from the judiciary, court management, and the academy.

The site links to a blog on procedural fairness.

This is a place to watch.


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