Online State Codes Project Passes Milestone — First State, Virginia, Now In Public Beta

This is a nice idea.

Here is the idea, from their website:

State codes are wretched. Seriously, look at a few: California’s, New York’s, Illinois’, and Texas’ are all good examples of how stunningly difficult that it is to understand state laws. They don’t have APIs. Virtually none have bulk downloads. You’re stuck with their crude offerings.

The State Decoded is a platform that displays state codes, court decisions, and information from legislative tracking services to make it all more understandable to normal humans. With beautiful typography, embedded definitions of legal terms, and a robust API, this project aims to make our laws a centerpiece of media coverage.

In development since June 2010, The State Decoded is in closed beta testing [now open] now. Thanks to a generous grant from the Knight Foundation, development has started to accellerate substantially.

And, here is the announcement of the Virginia Public Beta.  And the VA link.

Congratulations — and thanks to the Knight Foundation.


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