National Employment Law Project Offers Webinar on Tools for LEP Applicants for Unemployment Benefits

Here is the description:

Since the Clinton Administration, there has been an Executive Order in place requiring entities that receive federal funding to assess needs in their communities and have a plan for access to their services for the limited English proficient.  Nevertheless, throughout the great recession, LEP workers have faced obstacles to getting the unemployment insurance benefits to which they are entitled.  In September 2011, at the urging of advocates, ETA issued a new Unemployment Insurance Program Letter to further outline state responsibilities.  Hear about the development of the UIPL, its text, and a model for state level advocacy to insure that LEP workers can get the UI benefits they deserve.

Moderator:  Rebecca Smith, NELP
Presenters:  Anita Myerson, Legal Aid Society of Cleveland
                      Brian Flynn, Greater Boston Legal Services

Registration Link here.


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