More Information on SRLN Pre-Conference May 16, Jacksonville Fl

Here is a preliminary agenda for the SRLN Pre-Confernce, held in association with the ABA/NLADA Equal Justice Conference in Jacksonville Florida.

Self-Represented Litigation Network

2012 Pre-Conference at the Equal Justice Conference

Jacksonville Florida, May 16, 2012, Hyatt Regency Riverfront

City Terrace 4


8:30      Introductions and Brief Reports/Requests

9:00      National Report

9:30      Justice Corps:  Status and Expansion Possibilities

10:00      Possible Use of Federal IV-D Child Support Money for Self-Help

10:30      Triage: Concepts, Progress and Possible Projects

11:15        Research Agenda:  Report, Feedback and Brainstorm

No sustained research capacity addressing civil access to justice concerns has existed since the Legal Services Corporation’s Research Institute lost funding in the early 1980s.  Beginning a few years ago, several different institutions simultaneously sought to rekindle interest in a sustained focus on civil access to justice research, including empirical research, where the dearth of information has always been most notable.  Three (there are probably others) institutions have been most public on this effort:  the Stanford Law School’s Levin Center for Public Service and Public Interest Law; the Access to Justice Initiative within the United States Department of Justice; and the American Bar Foundation.  Although each institution and effort has limits, the overall desire is strong.  Effectuating this desire requires a robust and ongoing conversation between researchers and persons on the front lines of access to justice: court administrators, judges, legal services providers of all kinds, self-help center employees, and all others involved in the effort.  One fundamental set of questions can begin the conversation:  what do you (in the field) wish you knew that you currently do not know?  What would help you plan to make your program better?  What would help you understand problems that you face?  What would help you understand need and clients better.  We hope to initiate a conversation at the session with these questions.

12:45      Lunch

1:15      Limited English Proficiency and SRL Issues

2:00      Federal Court Report and Strategy Discussion

2:30      E-filing and Forms:

3:15      Law Libraries Report and Potential

3:30   Public Welfare Foundation Grants For Access

4:00      Special Topics and Problem Solving Time

5:00      Discussion of Strategic Ideas for SRLN

5:30       Close

Agenda subject to change

For additional information, contact Richard Zorza,

While we strongly encourage folks to register for, and attend, the whole Conference, you can register for the Pre-Conference alone.

Here is registration information:

To register for the Self-Represented Litigants Networking Educational Program at $75, please complete the form, scan, and email to erin.wellin(at) If paying by check, please send to:
Erin Wellin
Re: SRLN EJC Session
American Bar Association
321 N Clark St
Chicago, IL 60654
Indicate that you are only selecting the pre-conference and not the entire EJC registration rate.

If you are planning on attending the conference as well as this session, please register online by visiting


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