SRL Pre-Conference Live Webcast – Now Over — Plans to Make Available

Welcome!  We are broadcasting live from the SRL pre conference at the Equal Justice Conference.  (At least, we hope we are!!)  Our pre-conference webcast has been broken into two sections, before and after lunch, links below. (morning) (afternoon)

Webcast now over.  We hope to make available on an archived basis.

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All times Eastern time:

This pre-conference brings together court, private and pro bono bar and legal aid practitioners in self-represented litigation. Educational sessions will cover a broad range of innovations, research, and collaborations, with a particular focus on the implications for state and local programs of changes in the national environment.

A significant portion of the time will be spent in sharing and group problem solving. Those planning to attend are welcome to suggest additional sessions. The pre-conference is open to all practitioners, including those working for and with courts, law and public libraries, law schools, and in unbundled representation, regardless of their participation in the Self-Represented Litigation Network. While we strongly encourage folks to register for, and attend, the whole Equal Justice Conference, you can register for the pre-conference alone.


8:30 am – Introductions and Brief Reports/Requests

9:00 am – National Report

9:30 am – Justice Corps: Status and Expansion Possibilities

10:00 am – Possible Use of Federal IV-D Child Support Money for Self-Help

10:30 am – Triage: Concepts, Progress and Possible Projects

11:15 am – Research Agenda: Report, Feedback and Brainstorm

12:45 pm – Lunch

1:15 pm – Limited English Proficiency and SRL Issues

2:00 pm – Federal Court Report and Strategy Discussion

2:30 pm – E-filing and Forms:

3:15 pm – Law Libraries Report and Potential

3:30 pm – Public Welfare Foundation Grants For Access

4:00 pm – Special Topics and Problem Solving Time

5:00 pm – Discussion of Strategic Ideas for SRLN

5:30 pm – Close

NOTE: You may view this conference via live webcast. Quality of live video and audio stream will be dependent on the Internet connection available at the conference hotel. Unfortunately SRLN will not have the capacity to help you troubleshoot any technical issues you have viewing the webcast.


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