The Next Incubator — More Movement on Law School Reform

As reported in the National Law Journal, another incubator joins the crowd, this one in San Diego at Thomas Jefferson Law School.  Special congratulations to Luz Herrera, who has been a national leader in conceptualizing the role of law schools in supporting the transition to viable low and middle income practice.  Also to Fred Rooney at CUNY who has been instrumental in showing that this can be done.

I think this is part of a large trend that includes both serious questioning of the current role and pricing of legal education, and emerging discussions about how legal education can play a larger role in access to justice.  These discussions have been hugely facilitated by New York Chief Justice Jonathan Lippman’s  announcement that new applicants for the New York Bar will have to have completed 50 hours of pro bono work.  I note also, for example, that the Society of American Law Teachers will be focusing on access to justice in its next gathering.

I hope to have more to report on this area of discussion in the near future.


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