Giant Step for LSC — Chief Information Officer Position Posted

This is a concrete example of the changes at LSC.  The Corporation has just posed a job opening for a Chief Information Officer.

There are at least three reasons this is important.  The first is that the new position reports directly to the President of LSC.   This shows a recognition of the importance of information to the entire direction and strength of the organization, and gives the person in the organization the clout to do what needs to be done, as well as the credibility to work well with other senior leaders.

The second is that the position announcement itself reflects an understanding of the breadth of this importance, with reference to technologies such as data mining, and the need to reach out to the LSC community to make sure that information needs are being met.

The final reason is that the filing of the new position gets LSC ready to implement these aspects of the strategic plan, including accountability, fiscal responsibility, and use of information to strengthen and tell LSC’s message.

In short, it provides LSC an opportunity to match for the Corporation’s internal technology and information systems the level of achievement already met by the TIG field innovation operation.  It is simply impossible to operate a 21st century operation without that capacity, and it is great to see it being put in place.

Having such capacity in place will also surely also help the TIG program, and also lays the groundwork for future enhancements and planning for the use of information and technology.

Its going to be a hard job, but a very very worthwhile one.


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  1. Heather says:

    As an ATJ Commission member here in CT, and a member of our Subcommittee on Technology & ATJ, I think this will be a terrific opportunity for those of us in the field to have someplace/someone to connect with who has broad experiences and access to information sharing. In addition to being a techie, I hope that individual will reach out to the ATJ community at large to help encourage and facilitate the creative use of technology to increase access to justice for all communities (rural, urban and suburban). Perhaps a monthly e-newsletter blast with the latest and greatest, etc? I do lots and lots of research on what’s going on around the country, but there are times when I think I’ve simply plum lucked out in finding out about tech advances because someone has chosen to write about it (pro bono apps (hey Georgia!), online help (TN)) etc.

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