ABA ATJ Network Announces Grants for Enhancment of Works of Existing Commissions

The ABA Access to Justice Commission Expansion Project, with funding from the Public Welfare Foundation, has now announced the availability of its Phase Two grants.  These are available to existing Access to Justice Commissions to enhancement of their work.

From the website:

Phase II: To promote innovation and to enable existing Access to Justice Commissions to expand the scope of their activities and undertake initiatives in new areas beyond existing work. Targeted to existing, active Access to Justice Commissions. Application date: October 1, 2012. Grants will be made on or around January 15, 2013

Also from the announcement:

Grants are likely to be in the $8,000 to $20,000 range. Grants exceeding $20,000 may be made if warranted under the circumstances. It is unlikely that any state/jurisdiction will be awarded more than one grant during the current cycle (Phase I-III).

The Phase Two Grant Application Process is described here.  The Application Template is downloadable from that description.  Applications are Due October 1, 2012, and further informtion is available from Bob Echols at Robert.Echols(at)comcast.net.

This is a great opportunity for Commissions and partners to stretch into new areas of activity.  It is a great opportunity for potential new partners to approach Commissions about such new areas, with the potential for funding as a spur to planning such a partnership.


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