Claudia Johnson Guest Blogs on Information About LEP Services

I (Claudia) recently hosted a webinar on technology to assist self represented litigants as part of the LSNTAP webinar series.

In preparing for the webinar it was evident that videos and visual tools are one of the strongest emerging trends. Here are some video examples related to informing the public at large about LEP services by federally funded agencies and also training staff on how to work with interpreters and what LEP policies might be—all a good set of materials for any organization interested in improving their services to all of their client communities.

Government Agency describing their LEP policy—Fayetteville

Example of how to ascertain language spoken in the medical context

Legal Services of New Jersey—how to work with an interpreter

Here is a good summary of the LSNTAP Webinar.

The materials and video of the webinar are posted here.

I encourage anyone who is developing online tools, be it webpages, virtual self help centers, videos, tutorials, etc to watch the video—as all of the speakers gave really good tips and shared really good examples of how to approach and design SRL tools for online use.

I encourage courts and legal aid groups to share similar resources—some of these videos are very good and I encourage people developing LEP policies to watch them. All of them are short—that is a good practice.


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