Important Video on Why Grantmakers Should Support Legal Aid

As you may know, the Public Welfare Foundation has been making access to justice grants.  The President of PWF, Mary McClymont has also been making a major effort to talk to her funder colleagues about the importance of supporting legal aid.

This video, aimed at the funder community, talks not only about the urgency of the need, but also about the “silver lining” in the wide range of innovations, including technology, self-help centers, and access to justice commissions.

She urges funders to consider provide supporting legal aid as part of their grantmaking strategy in substantive areas.  She points out that such funding is “a great strategy” to enhance, leverage, and sustain investments in other areas, such as housing or education.

The video might be useful to show to your funders, or to use for talking points before talking to a funder or funder group.

Note that the video was produced by the Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers (RAG).  These local groups exist throughout the country, and might be seen as useful allies and communication channels, particularly when you already have one private grantmaking ally who is a participant in the local RAG.  Here is the list of such local groupings.


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