Law and Internet Conference to Stream Two Transformative Speakers Monday and Tuesday Morning This Week.

The Law Via the Internet Conference, being held at Cornell Law School this year this week will feature two important Speakers.  The Conference is being hosted by the Legal Information Institute, which all readers of this blog should know and use.  The Institute is twenty years old this year, which gives a sense of how much they were and are pioneers.  Now, how many of us can say we honestly were thinking about open online access to legal information in 1992?

On Monday, October 8 @ 9am EDT, legal technology innovator Richard Susskind will speak on “Liberating the Law Yet Further.”

On Tuesday, October 9 @ 9am EDT, social media visionary Clay Shirky will speak on “Authority in an Age of Open Access.”

Both speeches will be online live here.  Full conference agenda here.


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