NLADA Launches Legal Research Website

This is the week that the NSF-supported session on an access to justice agenda takes place in Chicago, so it is particularly appropriate that NLADA is now launching its Research Site.  They describe their goal as follows:

NLADA is deeply committed to advancing evidence based practices and research on civil legal assistance and, in so doing, asserts the value of innovation and calculated risk-taking are essential to develop new modes of service. In addition to supporting the development of additional evidence based practices and research, we also see the need to research  the less tangible and not-so-easily measured value imparted by civil legal aid, such as client empowerment and self-determination.

Its already a nice collection of documents not always as easy to find as they might be — including the 1994 ABA needs study.

Each of the papers listed and linked is also summarized, which will be very helpful in spreading an appreciation of the breadth of research among our community.  I recommend a visit.

Having NLADA join the research gang is a very important step.  Having the providers committed to an evidence-based model is really critical to progress, and a great sign for the future.  It great to see Chuck Greenfield having an impact.



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