The Highlight of the LSC TIG Conference

LSC President Jim Sandman’s lunch address on Wednesday was for me the highlight of the TIG Conference.  Why?

Not because of the clear commitment to the role of technology in the transformation of access to justice — important though that is.  Nor because he talked about the possibility of Congress funding a Pro Bono Innovation Grant Program, modeled in part on TIG.

But rather because he set as a goal having the legal services community becoming so good at what we do that that the private bar, and the non-profit sector generally, look to us as a model of the integration of technology into mission.  Jim’s point: that having that reputation will significantly help LSC with its overall budget advocacy.

That Jim believes that the work done in this community makes that a realistic goal is, in my opinion, a great vote of confidence.


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2 Responses to The Highlight of the LSC TIG Conference

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  2. Claudia Johnson says:

    To me, the most meaningful moment of the Conference was when Jim Sandman said at lunch “thank you” to all who spend day in and day out working on technology to improve the quality of the delivery continuum. My second favorite moment was to hear LSC’s new IT Director Peter Campbell address the group during lunch.

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