ABA Access to Justice Commissions: Grants Made and Availability Announced

Here is a list of grants just made to support the establishment/encouragement of new Access to Justice Commissions:

  • Arizona Foundation for Legal Services and Education
  • Supreme Court of Ohio
  • Supreme Court of Oklahoma
  • Philadelphia Bar Association
  • Rhode Island Judiciary

It is also a good time to note the availability of funds to expand into new areas the work of existing Commissions.  From the announcement:

The goal of the 2013 Innovation Grants is to expand access to civil justice for low-income people by:

•    Developing and testing innovative new projects that can be replicated in other jurisdictions.

•    Encouraging existing Access to Justice Commissions to pursue innovation.

•    Strengthening existing Access to Justice Commissions and enabling them to expand their scope of on-going activities into broad areas in which they previously have not been active or have been only minimally active, and/or to engage new stakeholders.

The application date for 2013 Innovation Grants is May 1, 2013. Grants will be made on or around June 1, 2013. Grants are likely to be in the $8000 to $20,000 range.

This is another great opportunity for Commissions to assess how they might make an even bigger impact on access to justice.  Only Commissions are eligible to apply, and real new ideas are strongly encouraged.

A look at the linked documents shows what an impact these grants are already having in filling out the network of Commissions, and expanding the mission and reach of those already in place.  Thanks to the ABA Resource Center for Access to Justice Initiatives for their work, and to the Public Welfare and Kresge Foundations for their support.



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  1. Claudia Johnson says:

    Congratulations to all of these ATJ Commissions! If any ATJ Commission wants to explore the use of online forms to expand access and learn what initiatives might already be in place using LawHelp Interactive user friendly approaches please feel free to contact me at cjohnson@probono.net or my colleague, Mirenda Watkins at mwatkins@probono.net

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