Hitler’s Children is a Magnificent Film About Getting Beyond Your Backgroud

I have been telling everyone about this wonderful film, Hitler’s Children.  It is on Netflicks streaming.

An Israeli filmmaker has tracked down descendants of some of the worst war criminals, such as Himmler, Goering, Frank (a Nazi lawyer (yes!) who ran all the Polish territories for Hitler) and the commandants of Auschwitz and Plaszow (the camp featured in Shindler’s list.)

The descendants interviewed have all come to terms with the evil in their backgrounds and largely dealt positively with it.

Its deeply moving to experience their courage and clarify.  For me one of the best sequences is when the granddaughter of Frank tells her father that by researching and wring about her grandfather, he, the father ,has protected her from the grandfather.  “You are my fortress,” is how I recall the quote.

Another highlight is when the daughter of the Plaszow commandant tells a friend of hers that who has been in the camp that her father was its commandant.

Yet another when the grandson of the Auschwitz camp, whose father actually grew up in a fine house that was right at the camp, goes back there, sees the gate between house and camp, and meets with Israeli young people.  They are both blunt and forgiving.  He is at least somewhat liberated.

Nothing about the Holocaust is easy, but this film is not about the horrors but about the descendants.  The courage is empowering.  Talk about justice.


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