Important Webinar on “Strengthening Court Systems: Understanding State and Federal Resources”

The National Criminal Justice Association is presenting an important webinar on November 21 (not 20th as stated in prior version of this post), on Strengthening Court Systems.

The full description is as follows:

With state budgets tight, it is increasingly important for court systems to look outside of traditional legislative appropriations for funding and resources.  Without adequate funding, the administration of civil and criminal justice suffers, producing not only diminished outcomes for court involved individuals but increasing system costs for related justice partners.  This webinar, Strengthening Court Systems: Understanding State and Federal Resources, will highlight multiple grant opportunities available through State Administering Agencies (SAAs) and various federal partners.  In addition to discussing how court administrators can engage with and stay appraised of funding opportunities; this webinar will highlight some of the federally funded training and technical assistance opportunities offered to court systems. Attendees will also hear from court administrators about the process of applying for grant funds and showcase strategies for integrating court functions into criminal justice resource planning. (Bold added)

I understand that the webinar will cover both criminal and civil issues, although there will likeley be more on criminal.

Among the speakers will be:

  • Brooke Marshall: Executive Director, Montana Board of Crime Control
  • Bradley D. Fowler: Planning and Organizational Development Officer, North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts
  • Michael Coelho: Undersecretary for Policy and Planning, Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security
  • Hon. Dina E. Fein: First Justice, Western Division of the Massachusetts Housing Court
  • Jonathan Faley: Associate Deputy Director, Bureau of Justice Assistance, US Department of Justice
  • Karen Lash: Senior Counsel, Access to Justice Initiative, US Department of Justice

Sounds like a “must-attend” for any court administrator or senior staff — except for those who do not want any more Federal help!

Registration link is here.

Folks may also find the prior webinar on Expanding Stakeholder Involvement:  Promoting Inclusive System Planning useful.  Link here.  Slides here.


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