American Assoc of Law Libraries Issues Report on Acess to Justice

An important step from a very significant ally in the access coalition.  The American Association of Law Libraries has issued Law Libraries and Access to Justice, which was drafted by a special committee of the Association.

The Report brings together a wide variety of ideas and examples on how law libraries can better contribute to access to justice.  It would be a rare expert indeed who would not learn a new idea here.  Some of those most worth highlighting:

  • Encouraging public and private law librarians to contribute through pro bono
  • Detailed sets on setting up self-help services in a law library
  • Participating with state access to justice commissions
  • Moving to advanced levels of service while remaining within ethical guidelines
  • Helping build access to justice into the law school curriculum
  • Applying Access to Justice Technology Principles to law libraries

Congratulations to AALL  Non librarians look here for ideas on how to partner.  Librarians look here for how to do the same.





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