Webinar on IV-D Funding for Self-Help Services — How to TRIPLE Your Money

Awareness is slowly growing that Federal IV-D  funding has the potential to triple state investments in child support and related activities.  Obviously this funding stream, which is not capped, has the potential to help states build out a very significant self-help capacity, that can ultimately be expanded, with funding from other sources, to include areas beyond IV-D.  This is the model that California followed.

With funding from the State Justice Institute, the Self-Represented Network has developed a manual on the potential of this approach, and how to take advantage of this Federal funding.

In addition, the Network, on December 18, is offering a free webinar on the topic, presented by John Greacen, who surely needs no introduction to those interested in access to justice, and Lee Morhar, who was instrumental in steering California through the process of obtaining the funding stream.

Registration information is here.

In addition, it is very important to point out that HHS has issued proposed changes to the Federal regulations governing IV-D and invited comments due January 16. The SRLN is preparing an analysis of these proposed changes, and they will also be discussed on the webinar.  As a general matter, the changes are likely to facilitate the process of obtaining IV-D reimbursements in this area.

When finalized, I will make the analysis available through this blog.

This is important, and we may well look back nationally at IV-D in ten years, as they already do in California, as the tipping point facilitator for statewide self-help.  Please take advantage of this opportunity to learn more.


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