The 100% Access Movement Has A New Poster

Here is a great poster made by Margaret Hagen of Stanford showing Bonnie Hough speaking at the recent Access to Justice Conference at Hastings Law School.

BonnieIts a great idea, and a great expression, from a great person.  It is another example of how the Chief’s resolution is stimulating debate and planning.

It will be fascinating to see how the Shriver Project, in which Bonnie is playing such an important role, provides data and ideas for how we can get to that 98% more quickly and more cheaply with the data on what works when, what is needed when, and how to organize it most effectively and efficiently.  Because Shriver has both full representation and other forms of help in the same projects, and because we will learn a lot about various forms of triage, it is really unique and critical in what it is doing.

I also love the “or at least 98%” because it reminds us to be both visionary and realistic at the same time, something this movement seems very good at.


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  1. Claudia Johnson says:

    I love the poster! Bonnie is an inspiration to us all–and she has mentored so many self help centers across the country and continues to do so. Thanks for sharing this with those of us who were not present.

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