Utah Moves Limited License Legal Technician to Mainstream

It seems only yesterday that limited license legal technicians were a weird outlier, subject of much suspicion and even hostility.

The Utah Supreme Court has just changed that by accepting a Report from its Task Force urging that the Court should establish such a program.  The Report itself is a model of such studies.

  • It carefully analyses the needs, and recommends the areas that should be addressed
  • It includes a listing of the status of the idea in other states (with much more going on than I had realized)
  • It discusses alternative strategies for solving the access to justice challenge incuding such things as unbundling and self-help
  • It proposes draft rules
  • It very carefully defines what the LLLT can do, and indeed, that does include a broad range of advice, but not anything in the courtroom (In other words it is narrower than McKenzie Friends, but broader than some concepts.)
  • It uses the already developed framework for evaluation, funded by the Public Welfare Foundation, of these innovations, which will be very helpful for all approaches moving forward.

This has to be a major breakthrough.


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