Jim Sandman’s Comment on the Nomination of Judge Garland and Access to Justice

Many of us have been wondering about the potential implications of the nomination of Judge Garland for access to justice.

Well, here is one very important clue, a comment by LSC President Jim Sandman.  Jim is, of course, a former partner of the Judge at Arnold & Porter, and also a friend.

I do not know a finer person than Merrick Garland, nor can I imagine a better qualified person for the Court.   He gave a magnificent speech at the LSC reception at the Supreme Court last April, and he has attended every one of our White House forums on Increasing Access to Justice.  He is deeply commited to the rule of law and access to justice.  I know Merrick well, and I am thrilled to see him nominated.

It is worth pointing out that the Court not only plays a role in the deciding of cases that impact access, but also has huge rule making and Federal Court administrative responsibilities.  While it may be that it is inappropriate for a judge with a pending nomination to comment on pending or specific future cases, there may be less inhibitions about talking about management of the Federal Courts, at least in general terms.

Attention is surely needed.


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