Get a Webinar Preview of the Resource Guide on Remote Services for Self-Represented

On April 27, 1-2pm EST, under the auspices of SRLN, John Greacen and others will be presenting a webinar on the new Guide to Remote Services for the Self-Represented.

Given the new focus on strategic planning, for 100%, as called for in the Chiefs’ Resolution, and supported by the new Justice for All program, the upcoming release of this guide is critical. Here is the description of the session and Guide in the announcement.

The guide describes remote services such as telephone, text messaging, email, chat, video conferencing, co-browsing, and customer relations management software.  It discusses different business practices followed in the eight sites studied in detail  – Alaska, California (Butte, Tehama, and Lake Counties and Orange County), Idaho, Maryland, Minnesota, Montana, and Utah – including how they integrate in-person and remote services, and identifies the equipment and staffing components of each program. 

The Guide also describes the outreach efforts of each site to involve justice system and community entities in meeting the needs of SRLs and how the programs provide feedback to their courts to simplify and improve court processes for SRLs.  The webinar will include an overview of the Resource Guide and detailed descriptions of two of the eight sites studied.

 For many states, the only practical way to 100% may well be through significant use of such remote services, and learning about pros, cons, and deployment strategies will be critical.

I would simply urge every state to make sure that at least one person is at the webinar, and takes responsibility for engaging their leadership with its conclusions and resources.

Register here for the Webinar.



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