Next Wed Celebrate GIS Day with an SRLN Map Webinar

As announced by SRLN, on Wed at 1 PM, Eastern:

In coordination with GIS Day and National Geographic’s Geography Awareness Week, the Self-Represented Litigation Network (  is hosting a webinar on some of the ways geographic information systems (GIS) technology is being used to engage and empower the justice community. We will briefly describe how GIS works and then we will explore what is possible when you activate the hidden geographic information in your data . Lastly, we will showcase a recent SRLN story map initiative – America’s Civil Courts: Whom Do We Serve

It is no accident that access to justice pioneers have always been the leaders in GIS within our community.  It is because we believe in context, in data, in transparency, and in efficient and effective use of resources guided by data.

As the material at the link above shows, and as described earlier here by me, these mapping tools are going to be critically helpful in the next stage of state by state accesss planning envisioned by the COSCA/CCJ Resolution, as leadership groups make strategic decisions, either with the help of Justice for All Grants, or with the help of the resource materials developed by that project.


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