SRLN Conference Schedule and Early Registration Deadline

The Tentative Schedule for the SRLN Conference (Feb 23-24) in San Francisco is now available, and early price-reduced registration, link here, closes very soon, on Feb 1.  General registration will remain open after that day.

A two-day in-person national conference for lawyers, judges, clerks of court, self-help services professionals, librarians, technologists, funders and other allied professionals to explore and develop successful strategies and new thinking for providing 100% access to justice.

It will be held at the Judicial Council of California, Milton Marks Conference Center, and is in affiliation with the Judicial Council of California’s Family Law Facilitator and Self-Help Center Conference.  This change will enable a greater focus on 100% access to justice, the Chief’s Resolution, and the Justice for All Initiative, as well as the myriad innovations spreading throughout the movement.

From looking over the schedule, I would suggest these reasons for making the financial and time effort to get there.

  • This is the only gathering that gives appropriate equal weight to the courts in the access to justice triad of courts, legal aid and bar.
  • This is an important opportunity to think positively rather than defensively about the changed climate.
  • This is the first conference at which there will be specific attention to ensuring that the voice of the litigant and consumer is heard by legal institutions.
  • This is the first conference in the ATJ world that will focus on on simplification issues.
  • There is he first non-tech conference at which there will be significant focus on human design issues.
  • A track on engaged and active judging will move this critical area forward.
  • There will be a special series of workshops focusing on establishing new self-help programs.
  • With all the movement in research and indicators, this will be the first opportunity to think about how it relates to practice and how it should move forward.

Above all, take a look at the list of speakers.

As you may know, I have had to cut way back on my travel, but this is so important in setting directions for the future that this will be my first trip outside the DC area since June.  I look forward to connecting with old friends and new allies as we move forward together.

See you there.





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  1. Jim Greiner says:

    Hi, Richard, the Access to Justice Lab (Erika Ricard) will be there. Delighted you’ll be there as well! A tribute to dedication.

  2. Mary Jane Ciccarello says:

    Glad to hear you will be attending the SRLN conference in February!

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