The LSC – Pro Bono Net – Microsoft Statewide ATJ Portal

Now that the pilot states for the ATJ Statewide Portal Project have been announced as the two states of Alaska and Hawaii, we can start to see what it is all going to look like.

At a minimum, it helps make the case for the importance of LSC for the broader justice for all movement and initiatives.  In particular all states should think about this as an example of what the Chiefs called for in their Resolution, and what the Justice for All project facilitates strategic planning for.

Here is the LSC presentation on the Project, with some of the post important slides below:




Now, there is lots and lots of hard word to do, perhaps particularly with the development of a self-learning triage machine, (my paper here), but it is wonderful to have the core vision clearly articulated and graphically laid out.

Correction Note: In an earlier version of this post, I incorrectly described this as a grant program.  Microsoft,, working with stakeholders is doing the programming, and there is no LSC grant.  My apologies.  Thanks to LSC for pointing this out so promptly.




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