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A New Cut at Triage Principles

A few weeks ago, I bogged on some principles for triage that had come out of a meeting at the TIG conference. Since then I have elaborated and expanded them, including expanded their scope to include triage conducted to determine … Continue reading

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Access Impact of “Settlement Mills” in Auto Insurance Cases

Nora Freeman Engstrom, an Assistant Professor at Stanford Law School has a fascinating article out in the New York University Law Review.  It deals with the largely unnoticed phenomenon of what she calls “settlement mills” in auto accident claims.  The … Continue reading

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Democratization of Decision-Making — Implications for Access to Justice Institutions

Tom Friedman in the NY Times, argues that both both companies and counties, the old top down decision-making and leadership systems are obsolete. The main driver, I believe, is the merger of globalization and the Information Technology revolution. Both of … Continue reading

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Finally Some Real National Access Data — ABF Releases Mapping Study

This is a big step in understanding our system.  The American Bar Foundation has released its ACCESS ACROSS AMERICA: FIRST REPORT OF THE CIVIL JUSTICE INFRASTRUCTURE MAPPING PROJECT.  Executive Summary here.  Full text here. The study maps, for all the … Continue reading

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ABA Boies-Olsen Report On Court Budgets is Out — Goes Beyond Budget Issues

The David Boies – Theodore Olsen Report is out.  This you will recall, is the ABA project on the need to protect the court system during the funding crisis, and is another initiative bringing together these once (and maybe future) … Continue reading

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Dashboards and Transparency in Justice

The IBM Center for Business in Government has issued a report on report on Dashboards in government: In its summary: One approach the Obama administration has latched onto to make sense out of the deluge of data is the use … Continue reading

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