A Simple Idea for Standardizing Language Locations in LEP-Friendly ATJ Websites

This idea came up at the LSC TIG Conference.

Right now, websites that have information in multiple languages, may show available languages anywhere — at the top, at the bottom, along the right or left, or in a box somewhere.  For people who do not know English, this must make it very confusing, and sometimes causes them to miss that there is material that could be of help to them.

We wondered if developing a best practice on this, at least for access to justice sites, might improve our ability to help LEP folks.

(I guess the downside would be that sites would have less flexbility in their overall design.)

Is this a role for the ABA LEP Standards Project, or the Dept of Justice?

Should this be part of the development of a broader document on Best Practices In Access to Justice LEP Websites?  See, generally, Top 10 Best Practices for Multilingual Websites at HowTo.Gov.

Ideas, Reactions, Resources — Please Comment.

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