This Blog Integrated with Twitter — Take a Look at the Technola Blog

You can now share posts on this blog using your Twitter account.  There is a twitter button in the share area at the bottom of the post.  You only see this when you go into the full version of the post, not the one on the home (front) page.

In addition, every time a post is added to this blog, a tweet is sent out in my name, @rzorza.  I do not currently use the twitter account for anything else, so if you follow it, you will not hear about what kind of pizza I like.  By the way, @accesstojustice on twitter is the account for the wonderful technola blog, focusing on technology and public interest law.  Those folks have been very helpful in getting this started — thanks.

I hope this integration will be helpful


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I am deeply involved in access to justice and the patient voice movement.
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