Interesting Way of Promoting Unbundling

This is an interesting way of promoting unbundling.

The law office of Mathew Gary Evans in Passadena, California, urges:

Being Unrepresented Doesn’t Have to Mean Being Unguided.

As he explains, in part, on his website.

If you cannot afford an attorney, the public service agencies listed on the links page will not accept your case, or you simply want the satisfaction of handling your own case, you can still have legal assistance from me with drafting and/or responding to papers while remaining your own “attorney” of record.

This arrangement is called limited scope representation.  It involves having me “ghost write” your discovery requests and responses, correspondence, motions, and pleadings, or coming to me for “coaching” on appearances at court hearings or depositions as well as legal procedures on an “as needed” basis.

As is highly appropriate, the website also explains carefully what he will and will not do.


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