CALI Confernce for Law School Computing Posts its Sessions Online

This is an impressive set of online materals (video and often ptts too) for a total of about 50 sessions.

Some titles:

Competing with Facebook

The Future (of Web Development) is Now: Key Features of HTML5 that are Ready for the Web

Using Open Source Tools for Data Warehousing and Reporting

University of Texas: Exploring Our New Digital Teaching Courtroom

Lessons for the overall access to justice community:

There’s lots of cute technie stuff her.

This is about transforming a community (law schools)

There is some stuff on access to justice (apps for justice, dealing largely withe law students and the ATJ platform)

We have to be making much better use of our own conference content, as they do.

How about the NLADA and EJC conferences online.  The SRLN conferences online (we did stream, and are working on the video). TIG posts materials and links, and streams, but permanent video posting?


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